Betrayal by Labour

The Labour Party’s position on Brexit is unfathomable. Rather than putting their political influence behind enactment of the referendum result, they choose, instead, to use the process to try and score political points. Do they not realise that honesty, integrity and principles are what attracts voters, not political games for party advantage?

By way of example, the following is an extract from an article penned by Barry Gardiner, the shadow trade secretary (at the time of writing), in July 2017. He pours scorn on the idea of being out of the EU but remaining in a customs union with it.

That, of course, was before he was told to support the opposite view.

“Turkey [has] a separate customs union agreement with the EU. If we were to have a similar agreement, several things would follow: the EU’s 27 members would set the common tariffs and Britain would have no say in how they were set. We would be unable to enter into any separate bilateral free trade agreement. We would be obliged to align our regulatory regime with the EU in all areas covered by the union, without any say in the rules we had to adopt. And we would be bound by the case law of the European Court of Justice, even though we would have no power to bring a case to the court . . . And were, say, the EU to negotiate an agreement with the US that was in the union’s best interests but against our own, our markets would be obliged to accept American produce with no guarantee of reciprocal access for our own goods into the US.”

Whilst we have become accustomed to the ‘flexible principles’ approach adopted by many politicians, Barry Gardiner’s screeching wheelspin turnaround must be amongst the most distasteful. The Labour leader (or is it Momentum puppet?), at a time when the country is crying out for leadership, is displaying his indecisiveness for all to see. His reputation for incompetence and absence of leadership is growing rapidly, so that even long-standing Labour voters cannot bring themselves to vote for him, or his third-rate shadow cabinet.

The Labour party is in the process of betraying the working people, and the very democracy in which we have depended upon for our safety, security and prosperity. Having a dishonest and self-serving political elite running the country is one thing but add to that incompetence and things would become very much worse indeed.

The solution, your solution, is to vote independent for all the reasons I’ve given in this campaign newspaper. You do have a vote, so use it; you do have a choice, so make it.

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