Betrayal by Conservative

The Prime Minister was dealt a difficult hand. With the country voting one way, elected politicians, through a different voting mechanism, and determined to overturn that vote, have complicated matters. The difference is simply down to voting systems. The referendum was fully proportional, where every vote counted, and our Parliamentary voting system, comprising 650 separate elections using FPTP (First Past the Post), is highly disproportionate and unrepresentative. Therein lies the problem. The referendum was clean, representative and honest, whereas Parliamentary elections are largely a stitch up between two corrupt and self-serving parties.

Despite the inherent difficulties, Theresa May has played a blinder in creating the worst possible outcome of two years of so-called negotiations, plus the year she spent thinking about it, to arrive at a situation where continued uncertainty is the only certainty we have.

We should not underplay the role of hundreds of Conservative MPs who, from the very beginning, have set out to deliberately overturn the referendum result. They have betrayed their own manifesto, betrayed the democratic process and betrayed the country. These people must be ejected from Parliament at the very next opportunity.

You now have a choice because you have an Independent candidate who will support the democratic process, and this constituency, and our country; an independent whom you choose, not a party android chosen by a couple of people on the committee of the local Conservative association. When you think about it, your parliamentary choices are made for you as the Conservative party (as well as the others) simply expect to get your vote because they’ve always had it before.

Whatever the eventual result and, at the time of writing, that could be anything, you have been betrayed by individuals who were handed their very comfortable positions on a plate and who have the arrogance to tell us that we didn’t know what we voted for when they themselves decided overwhelmingly to let the people decide. They decided by a huge majority to invoke article 50, and also voted for the withdrawal act, which set in place the leaving date of 29th March 2019.

In reality, for these people, it was a series of cynical votes, in the hope that, somehow, something would turn up to prevent Brexit and that they might be able to disrupt from the shadows but it hasn’t turned out like that.

Make no mistake, delaying Article 50, the ludicrous and so-called ‘peoples vote’, the highly damaging Withdrawal Agreement itself and the continued spectacle of our nation on its knees, unsuccessfully begging the EU bureaucrats for a scrap from the table, are all mechanisms to overturn the vote, nothing else.

In this election you really have a choice: to return a traitor to parliament or exercise your freedom to devastating effect by electing an independent representative, who will uphold our freedoms and the democratic process and ensure we leave this disastrous European Union as quickly as possible.

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