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The Coalition of Independents

We are an organisation dedicated to supporting the candidacy of independent candidates in the next and subsequent general elections.

The concept of encouraging independent candidates to provide a political home for those disgusted with the failure of the political class and the two party system, is on hold.

The situation has changed. The Brexit Party will now provide that alternative and has a real chance of breaking through the FPTP voting system and changing the political landscape forever.

I hope you will support them.

Election Targets

We begin with targeting seats held by MPs in Leave voting seats, who are determined to frustrate the Brexit process 

The Labour targets

There are 154 constituencies which voted Leave, yet returned a Labour MP who is opposed to Brexit. Over 72% of constituents voted to Leave in Kingston Upon Hull, for example.

The Conservative targets

There are 148 constituencies which voted Leave yet returned a Conservative MP who is opposed to Brexit. 75% of constituents voted to leave in Boston and Skegness, for example.

The Lib Dem targets

There are only three constituencies which voted Leave, yet returned a Liberal Democrat MP determined to oppose Brexit. Over 58% of constituents voted to leave in North Norfolk, for example.

Odds and sods Remainers

There 39 MPs from other minor parties who represent constituencies who voted Remain, but don't forget that a significant number of people also voted to leave. 48.4% of people voted to leave the EU in Dwyfor Meirionnydd, for example.

Labour Remainers
Conservative Remainers
Lib Dem Remainers
Others Remainers

The Plan

A means to provide true representation and change the parliamentary arithmetic.

David Allen

Founder of the COI and Chairman.

A former UKIP Parliamentary candidate and leadership contender, with an eye for ‘out of the box thinking’. Designer of the F2PTP voting system.

People Not Parties

Confidence and trust in our parliamentary representatives is at an all time low, yet there seems to be no way of changing it. They seem to be particularly troubled by a referendum result  though they supported the referendum overwhelmingly.

Our elected representatives show no courage when it is needed and resort to subversion and betrayal for an end result which, in itself, is unclear. The problem stems from a contradictory expression of the people’s will, in itself caused by different voting mechanisms.

The people made a firm decision to leave the EU, yet also populated the House of Commons with people who were determined to oppose that decision. The problem, although exacerbated by the Prime Minister, would remain, whoever were to take over the Conservative party leadership or the Prime Ministership.

We have, quite simply, elected the wrong people, because we elected parties who chose those people and we overwhelmingly voted for parties. Maybe, it’s time to change that and vote for people instead.

The Coalition of Independents is a facilitating organisation that raises funds and elicits support to help individuals stand for parliament as Independent candidates.  In the current climate we only require potential candidates to commit to two policy areas to get help. They must support Brexit as intended by the referendum and support voting reform to create a fairer and more effective representative democracy.

If you want to be involved, or just to be kept up to date please register. If you want to be a candidate, please enquire about the candidate application process.


Independents cannot be bribed by party whips or government jobs, they are there to truly serve their constituents.

Voters don’t really have a choice, parties, or minority dominated constituency associations choose your MP, not you.

Why is COI the best option?

Timing is Everything

The next general election may see the lowest turnout of all time as disillusioned voters just stay away. The politically homeless desperately need a viable alternative.

Political Parties need Time

It takes years and years for a political party to develop the ground support necessary to contest a national election. Even UKIP, at its height in 2015 failed to contest about 100 seats for lack of candidates.

Freedom from the Party machine

Independents will, naturally, align with a political ideology to set their political scene. Apart from Brexit and Voting Reform they are their own people, immune from party whips and party bribes.

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